Learn How to Take a Screenshot on Mac: Screen Shot on Mac

Screenshots are a great way to capture images of your screen for presentations, tutorials, or other purposes. Luckily it’s pretty easy to take screenshots on Mac! (How to screenshot on mac?) Here are some screen shot options available for Macs:

1) Command + Shift + 3 – this will save the image as a file on your desktop. You can also use Command+Control+Shift+3 if you want the image saved in the clipboard instead of on your desktop.

2) Control + Shift + 4 – this will create an “image” thumbnail that can be pasted into documents and emails with Control+V (or CMD+V). This is useful for screen shots where there isn’t much need to include surrounding content but you just want a screen shot of a specific portion of the screen.

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To take screenshots on Mac, press and hold Shift+Command. This will save captured screen images to your desktop in PNG format by default (and you can change this setting if need be).

How to screenshot on mac?

The MAC now also has an option to capture a screenshot as soon as Mojave ships. To Open the screen shot tool navigate to Launchpad > Other > Screenshot or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + 5.

Screenshot on Mac
Screenshot on Mac

This floating toolbar offers option to grab the whole screen, selected windows or a certain area of screen. It’s also possible to capture video from whole screens or videos from custom selections as well.

Here is what you can capture and display to share an image online with your friends using a keyboard shortcut or to enter Command +.

How do I take a screenshot on a Macbook?

How can I take pictures on Windows 10? However not everyone will use any updated version of Apple’s new Mojave – so getting a screenshot is really still a tricky task.

However, recording the footage was also possible when the QuickTime Player was in use. Get the most powerful screenshot capture software for Mac.

Download and try the best screenshot apps for mac macOS One Touch Bar. How can the Apple take screenshots for free? Use the below tested applications to take videos and screenshots using a Mac.

The 6 Best Shortcuts to Take Screenshots on a Mac

Taking screenshots on a macOS is as easy as it is on a PC—when you know which Keyboard shortcut to use. There are quite a few command options available in macs® that you may want to try in your screencapture.

Shortcuts to Take Screenshots on a Mac
Shortcuts to Take Screenshots on a Mac

The quickest shortcut to a great picture that anyone on the Mac needs to know now is Step 6. A useful app achieving everything you need in one click.


Shift-Command four transforms your mouse to a crosshair which you can hover to select a part of your screen to take screenshot. Press mouse or trackpad button to shoot. Press and release the Spacebar to reset the selection before pressing and returning.

The crosshair turns into a small camera icon that can be moved across any open window. Click the window from which you want to see this picture.

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A screenshot that has been captured by the same method shows a white margin around the window with a little drop shadow. The Space Bar is an excellent tool to record photographs by holding and tapping the Space key.

Shift Command-5

Mac OS Mojave (2022) is a recent command that adds shortcuts into Mojave. It calls a small panel at the bottom of your screen with your screen capture settings. There are three screenshot buttons where you can capture the entire screen, a window or the whole screen.

By default the Show Floating Thumbnail option is active which displays a preview of your just captured screenshot in the lower-right corner.

Unlike your iPhone, you can turn on this preview thumbnail on your Mac a bit hard. If the screenshot panel is in your way you can take a left edge and drag it onto a new place in your screen.

Pre-Mojave Mac screenshot commands

The first command captures all of the screens simultaneously. The second is a slightly deeper way to screen capture Mac. While these commands allow printing on the Macintosh screen, it feels like an unnecessary effort.

Pre-Mojave Mac screenshot commands
Pre-Mojave Mac screenshot commands

It might not surprise us when many people will post screenshots for a Mac, but Apple made the process simpler and added the option for e. If you don’t want to use screenshots in the menu or third-party apps you will need familiarity with two key Mac screen shortcuts: + Switch + 3 and Space. The first one is likely the easiest to understand and the second is the faster to use.

Third-party MacOS screenshot apps

CleanShot X is the most useful screenshot capture tool for the Mac. It is designed for over fifty different settings, can film videos and GIFs. If you are looking for something with the added emphasis on screen recording we suggest Capto.

Yac is an incredibly convenient application to share information between employees without disturbing them with phone calls. Elmedia Player is offered as a setapp app, so you will be able to try all the games without charge.

Several of these third-party apps are available with Setapp and people notified each time someone shows up with a yac or screen recording message.

We show you how to take a screenshot on a Mac.

What are quick snapshots on iPhone i? Several different applications are available it has several uses like taking screenshot in the whole screen or taking pictures of a small part or an open window. You can also take a film recording using the same versatile tool.

You can also enlarge a screenshot after uploading it to a folder so they can be shared with relatives and friends. We will show you exactly what makes the Screenshots of Mac OS X tick. You might want this right now but if you do everything with your Apple or Mac computer this simple skill can be useful one day too.

How do I take screenshots using the MacBook Pro Touch Bar?

Camera icons can be added to touch bars in Macbooks with Touch Bar features. Use the camera icon to take the pictures you have captured while tapping the screen. As soon as you depress the camera button your cursor switches to crosshairs if you want to select which portion of your screen can save as a digital picture. Press the “SpaceBar” button on your keyboard.

Use all the other screenshot modes shown in the Tab bar when you are taking a screenshot to take a full screen screenshot, copy the image instead of saving as. To review CMD + Shift + 3 to screen-shot your full screen.

Screenshot options

The ‘Show floating thumbnail’ option temporarily rotates a thumbnail of a completed picture or a clip on the bottom of the screen. You have several minutes to copy and paste this thumbnail into another document, mark it up or share it.

Screenshot options
Screenshot options

You can add the ability to show mouse points or clicks at screenshots or video recordings. Choose Options in your screen if you want more settings.

It is possible to choose where to place a document and to add in the film or screen recording any time delay. For example adding mouse pointers or moving pointer in a screenshot is possible.

Screenshot Basics for Mac

Apple’s native screenshot tool only provides five options how to capture iPhone Screens. However, more options are available for third-party applications. Let us see what suits you best.

Take screenshots with the latest version of the MacOS screenshot tool MacOS Mojave And how to do that with apps like Apple MacOS 10.

Take screenshots of Apple’s latest macOS X version in Mojave. Use screenshot command to capture your screens with a simple command that opens a screen capture menu. Takes screenshot on Mac OS X.

Take screenshots with Grab

Grab allows users to generate an image from the resulting menu in the application itself. The app allows users also to take a long picture delay. If you are using a Mac OS catalina or older Grab is not included.

Grab does rarely feature an window that opens and instead it runs practically entirely from the menu bar. A Grab-like icon is also available to tap in your device’s dock to view apps faster.

Grab is available on MacOSCatalonia or MacOSCatalina and is not available on the iOS 7 or iOS 8, 9, 10, 12 versions of the App Store. For more info contact the app store.

Keyboard shortcuts and built-in apps to capture images and videos of your computer

Zappy by Zap is a screenshot tool for Mac that helps your team share what they see in a snap. With easy to use annotation tool Zappy helps you connect easily with colleagues quickly.

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Share and take photos from your devices instantly online and without cost. Check out our screenshot guide for how to take screenshots on your Mac based device and for how to take great screenshots on the Mac.

To learn more about creating good photos with Zappy go to the company page or check out this screenshot sharing guide (link).

Record video

Record footage by press the shift + command + 5 then select a record full screen or selected screen. Once everything is finished click on Record before recording it. The Stop icon on the home page should terminate the recording and be saved. MOV files.

Where screenshots are saved on Mac?

If you use screenshots frequently maybe you want to create a Screenshots folder somewhere. To do this press Command Shift-5 Click Options. In the options menu you’ll see several places. Click Another Location & choose a folder for saving the snapshots to a particular folder.

All future screenshots will be stored in that folder not only the ones that you have initiated using the screenshot tool. My screenshot was stored in an open directory on Screenshots of my desktop document. In my screenshot tool I use the app to create new screenshot images in the screenshot library of my Macbook Pro.

Take a screenshot of an entire web-page in Safari

None of the previously specified options are intended to show longer web pages that span many screens. If you want a screenshot of an entire web page you can use Awesome Screenshot extensions in Safari for this. You can also use Amazing Graphics.

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