Robi Internet Offer Packages 2021 | New MB Code Offers List

Today we will discuss in detail with you the internet offer of Robi, the fastest internet provider in Bangladesh. Those who want to know more about Robi Internet Offer 2021 can read this article in full. I hope you will read this article to enjoy 4.5G internet speed. Because here, we will discuss some Robi Internet offers or Robi MB offers. Which will come in handy.

Usually, those who use Robi SIM but miss these offers. So that you do not miss such offers and can use the best offers, that is why we are going to write the full article about Robi Internet Offer 2021.

The best all Robi internet offer 2021

We have collected a lot of Robi Internet data. Here we will discuss in detail the code to activate Robi Internet Offer and Robi Internet Recharge Offer. Here you can also find out about the monthly Robi Internet Pack.

However, in today’s article, we will only discuss the Robi Internet offer. You can know all the information related to weekly internet offers and daily internet offers. Hopefully, from this article, you will learn all the things associated with the Robi MB offer, and you will be able to enjoy the offers.


We usually publish all Robi updates on our website for our readers. Dear reader, we would like to say this notice to you because you believe the articles published on our website. So here we will provide you all the codes and recharge offers related to the Robi Internet offer. These may not work at any time. Because such offers are changed from the website of Robi’s official office, if a request doesn’t work correctly, let us know in the comments so that we can help you again with the correct information about that Robi offer.

Robi MB offer code list 2021

There are as many package lists of Robi Internet offer for 2021. We have made a list of all the packages and provided them for you here. We hope you can choose any Robi MB offer package of your choice from these packages. Robi is one of the best internet providers in Bangladesh.

Robi Internet Offer 2021
Robi Internet Offer 2021

If you use this company’s SIM, you will be able to receive the fastest internet service. They are going with faster internet service than other operators. At present, Bangladesh has a good reputation. If you are a Robi SIM user, then you are one of their success partners. So if you want to know Robi’s Internet Offer 2021, follow our article.

Robi offers all new internet.

Many may ask if we will discuss all the new internet offers of Robi here. As we write this, we will talk about the Robi Internet offer. So here we will share with you Robi’s 2021 Internet offer and Robi’s new MB offers. So those of us who are readers can all subscribe to our website to always get updates on these offers. If you have been added to our website’s email list, you will continue to receive our updates regularly in the future.

Usually, we love to help our customers with quality information and all the information related to the offer. I hope you will not let our efforts go in vain. And the things that we have in this writing. If they are wrong, you must forgive them. And let us know in the comments to correct the matter.

Robi Recharge DATA Package 2021

Now we can activate all the internet packages only by recharging. I will discuss all these Robi internet packages. If you feel comfortable purchasing an internet package by dialing the activation code, you can buy a Robi internet package by recharging in Robi.

Here we will share some Robi internet packs with you, which are very popular among the customers. Because the customers use all these Robi internet packs, you must like these internet packages if you are also a regular customer of Robi. We hope you enjoy the offer and that you can use any box you choose from here.

You can activate all the offers given in the table below by recharging. This means that if you want to use all these offers, then you can start these packs from any Robi recharge point or through bKash or Dutch Bangla Rocket.

Hopefully, you won’t have any problem creating these Robi Internet Packs because there is no problem here. You can activate all these offers only by recharging. However, keep in mind that in this case, you need to be careful when restoring. Because if you can’t convert the right amount, then you can’t use Robi offers. Therefore, when you recharge in your Robi SIM, you must tell the recharge amount in advance.

Recharge AmountRobi InternetValidity
649 Taka25 GB28 days
479 Taka20 GB28 days
799 Taka18 GB + 700 Minutes28 days
76 Taka4 GB3 days
41 Taka2 GB (1 GB + 1 GB Zoom)3 days
129 Taka8 GB7 days

Daily net offers

Those who do not usually use the internet every day need the daily internet offers. Now we will discuss the daily internet offer. If you want to purchase internet every day, you can use the daily MB offers. Those who usually wish to purchase MB in case of emergency can enjoy such offers when we use the internet. The Internet may be down in an instant.

And in many troubles, we may need to purchase internet. If you do not have enough balance, you can use the daily internet packages. In this case, if you want, you can select any one of our internet packages from here, you can activate the internet package and do your urgent work. Those who work online must have many essential needs. If you have the necessary work, hopefully, this will help you.

Robi 10 MB offer

Robi SIM Robi MB offers have some internet offers for a period of 1 day for less money. To purchase 10 MB Robi MB for Tk 3.44, dial the following code. Term 7 days.

Robi 3.44 taka 10 mb internet offer code: * 123 * 004 #

Robi 45 MB offer

You can get 45 MB of the internet by purchasing Robi 10 Taka MB card. Excluding MB card purchase, you can easily buy Robi 45 MB pack with a code. Term 1 day.

Robi 10 taka 45 mb internet offer code: * 123 * 782 #

Robi 200 MB offer

What can notice changes in some packs over time? The 200 MB Robi internet offer is also a bit like this. Robi 200 MB, we can see two internet offers here. Now you can get 200 MB internet in Robi for only 7 takas for one day. Again there is an offer for 200 MB 20 taka.

Both offers are valid for one day.

  • Robi 8 taka 200 mb internet offer code: * 123 * 200 #
  • 20 to 200 MB internet offer code: * 123 * 0020 #

Robi internet package 1GB 3 days

The Robi one GB offer is one of the best 1GB internet offers ever available. You will get this pack in Robi Net offer for a period of 3 days.
If you have low internet usage, you can purchase a Robi internet package one GB offer.

Robi 1GB offers a purchase method.

  • To get 1 GB internet, recharge 32 takas Robi.
  • Robi internet offers a 1GB code not found yet.
  • Robi 1.5 GB offer
  • You are getting 1.5 GB internet in your Robi SIM for 41 takas. This offer is for some customers who need more internet for less time.

Robi 1.5 GB offer Purchase Method:

  • Recharge 41 takas Robi to get the offer.
  • 1.5 GB offer code not found yet.

Robi 2 GB 54 taka offer

Among the above internet offer Robi, 2GB 54 taka internet offer is the most popular. If your usage is low/high, choose your request from the table above.

Robi 2GB offers a purchase method.

To buy the offer, you will recharge Tk 54 on your Robi number.
Dial * 123 * 54 # to purchase the offer directly.

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